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Featured image for “You Shouldn’t Use the Browser Inside an App”

You Shouldn’t Use the Browser Inside an App

While we’ve bridged the gap considerably, smartphones and computers are very different devices, meant to be used in very different…
August 22, 2023
Featured image for “Researchers Trick AI Models Into Hacking”

Researchers Trick AI Models Into Hacking

AI large language models seems complex, and they are. But they aren’t so complex that they can’t be tricked into…
August 15, 2023
Featured image for “Hackers Can Win Almost $20 Million By Using AI to Protect Against Cyberattacks”

Hackers Can Win Almost $20 Million By Using AI to Protect Against Cyberattacks

When you hear “hackers” and “cyberattacks” in the same sentence, it’s usually bad news. Usually. Sometimes, however, it can actually…
August 15, 2023
Featured image for “It Takes a Lot to Protect Your Accounts”

It Takes a Lot to Protect Your Accounts

The security of your business often comes down to individual decisions and actions. Hackers frequently break into networks through one…
August 7, 2023
Featured image for “We Might Need AI to Defeat AI”

We Might Need AI to Defeat AI

AI presents many potential positives for both business and personal lives, but it also comes with many risks as well.…
August 7, 2023
Featured image for “How Copy and Paste Can Compromise Your Business”

How Copy and Paste Can Compromise Your Business

Copy and paste is an integral computing tool we all use every day. However, it seems it’s also a tool…
July 31, 2023
Featured image for “FBI Warns of Increased AI Cyberattacks”

FBI Warns of Increased AI Cyberattacks

The FBI is warning the public that the number of cyberattacks aided by artificial intelligence is skyrocketing. As Tom’s Hardware…
July 31, 2023
Featured image for “Official Warns Hackers Are Already Using AI”

Official Warns Hackers Are Already Using AI

You might use ChatGPT to see how well it can put together a recipe for dinner, or even to see…
July 24, 2023
Featured image for “2024 Elections at Risk From Generative AI”

2024 Elections at Risk From Generative AI

AI is an impressive technology that continues to subvert our expectations with every development. Not all of these developments are…
July 24, 2023
Featured image for “Text Messages Could Compromise Your Business”

Text Messages Could Compromise Your Business

You’re likely aware of phishing attacks, schemes hackers use to coax unsuspecting users out of their personal data and information.…
July 18, 2023

How iCloud Keychain Keeps Your Accounts Secure

Between business and personal use, you likely have a lot of accounts to keep track of. It can be tempting to reuse the same memorable password for each, but doing so only invites malicious activity into your network. For those...
June 6, 2023

Protect Your Business From This Phishing Tactic

Phishing is nothing new. Hackers and bad actors will send you messages with malicious links or content in the hope you click and invite them in. But there’s an interested tactic that isn’t often talked about that can be a dead...
May 30, 2023

Microsoft Has a Nasty Zero-Day Problem

Microsoft is working on a fix for a zero-day exploit that targets Secure Boot, a default security feature that prevents malicious software from running on your machine. While there is an initial patch, the full fix could take until 2024,...
May 30, 2023

Protect Your Company By Boosting Your Password

There are a lot of ways to protect your business's accounts, but it all starts with a good password. A password that is strong and unique is the first line of defense against cyberattack: If bad actors can't crack the...
May 23, 2023

How AI-Generated Voice Scams Can Threaten Your Business

AI is in the news constantly, and for good reason: It's a rapidly evolving tech that has the potential to disrupt many facets of modern life—some good, and some bad. The bad, unfortunately, can be used against your business in...
May 23, 2023

The Most Frequently Found Passwords on the Dark Web

Passwords are an integral part of keeping your digital life safe and secure. Unfortunately, it's all too common for passwords to end up leaked in a data breach, allowing hackers a look into which phrases people often use most. The...
May 16, 2023

Cybersecurity Tips for Small to Midsize Businesses

Cyberattacks are reported in the news so often these days, you would be forgiven for thinking they were inevitable. While attackers are quite sophisticated, a good plan of attack can keep them away from your networks. From both preventing attacks...
May 15, 2023

U.S. Justice Department Seizes 13 DDoS-for-hire Domains

The U.S. Justice Department seized 13 domains responsible for DDoS-for-hire services, sometimes called "stressor" or "booter" services. These services outsource the work of hacking to those with the resources and skills to do so (as well as access to the...
May 9, 2023

You Can Report Spam Messages to Your Carrier

Spam texts are frustrating, and numerous. For some of us, it's tough to see a day go by without another text from a malicious or suspicious sender, which, at the end of the day, can threaten your business. But you...
May 9, 2023

Don’t Fall for Spoofing

When you receive a phone call, caller ID is supposed to tell you who's on the other end. And yet, it can't be trusted: While the caller might be based in the location they're calling from, or might be the...
May 2, 2023
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