Clients love MERIT for


Cables connect your technology to the Cloud and we make sure they’re perfect. And that lets us connect your employees through the Cloud so you can connect with your clients.


MERIT teaches workers how to harness the power of software to increase their skills and improve work-satisfaction to drive business forward.


MERIT will engineer a cyber shield around your company and provide Phishing Education to teach your workers what to avoid.



Trust But Verify (TBV)

Trust But Verify (TBV): starts with our detailed On-Boarding process which enables vital reports with timing and cadence to give you confidence

Your daily proof MERIT is working for you:

  1. Daily confirmation of Internet, servers, and back-ups
  2. Weekly Summary Report of virus threats and tickets
  3. Monthly Executive Summary of Cloud, PCs and health status
  4. Quarterly Business Review provides a total technology report

Get IT Support

Managed IT

Eliminate your company's technology headaches. MERIT’s IT support removes frustration by empowering your organization.
Merit Managed IT Services

24/7 Support

IT support at fair rates.

Remote Management

Fast solutions to empower your employees.

Protect My Business

Data Services

Protect your business with world-class solutions.
Merit Managed Data Services

MERIT Managed IT Services

MERIT’s IT support removes frustration by empowering your organization.

Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Locally stored data is a single point of failure for any business. MERIT’s BDR eliminates that risk.



Move to the Cloud

Cloud Computing

MERIT powers Microsoft’s Cloud to improve production and cut hardware costs. Make your business work anywhere with MERIT Cloud.
Merit Cloud Computing

Cloud Migrations

MERIT will migrate your infrastructure to the cloud, so you never have an on-premise server again.

Cloud-Hosted Email

Our hosted e-mail solutions delivers the best of Microsoft Exchange without all the expenses that come along with purchasing, running, and managing the hardware.

Virtual Desktop Access

Load all of your essential programs into a cloud environment, and then deliver them, on your employees at all types of devices and at any location.

Get Dedicated IT Support

Learn about MERIT's solutions.

Get Dedicated IT Support

Connect to learn about MERIT's solutions.
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Secure My Business

Security Services

Block malicious actors and evolving threat vectors from disrupting your business's operations with world-class security services managed by MERIT's team of cybersecurity experts.
Merit Security Services

Unified Threat Management

Comprehensive or augmented IT support for small and midsized businesses in the Hampton Roads area.

Spam and Phishing Protection

Cloud software filters suspicious emails from your network and ensures you never miss an important email.

Content Filtering and Firewalls

Block access to your network that may contain malware, viruses, and other threats.

Optimize My Hardware


Hardware doesn't have to mean headaches. Merit can guide your business towards smooth operations with professional hardware services for every device.
Merit Hardware Services

Device Sales and Management 

Whether you're looking to invest in hardware or obtain hardware-as-a-service, Merit has the skills to help.

Wireless Service and Cabling Wired Systems

Merit can deliver the full range of services needed to deliver the best connectivity to your business from cabling to wifi.

Internet Speed Consultation

A reliable, high-speed Internet connection will give your business the digital foundation it needs to grow.

Set Up Microsoft

Software Services

Leverage Microsoft to drive productivity. MERIT deploys Microsoft solutions that improve your business.
Merit Software Services

Microsoft Tools

Increase productivity with Microsoft tools and let MERIT empower your organization.

Get Dedicated IT Support

Learn about MERIT's integrated product suite.

Get Dedicated IT Support

Connect to learn about MERIT's integrated product suite.
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