MERIT 2.0 Presents

Cyber State 2023

A panel discussion on how businesses can prepare their defenses in the face of increasing global cyber threats.
Larry Robertson, MERIT IT
"You want to have as many backups as you can, local and offsite. That is your ace in the hole."- Larry Robertson, MERIT 2.0
Nicole Harrell, Kaufman & Canoles
"CEOs need to be more knowledgeable than they used to be. Security needs to be a top down approach."- Nicole Harrell, Kaufman & Canoles
Gabriel Miller, MERIT IT
"The dark side of AI can use the same intelligence–the same natural language–to attack you or your business."- Gabriel Miller, MERIT 2.0
Scott Hunter, Insperity
"If phishing is your number one attack, then your greatest exposure is your people. Educating your people needs to be a top-priority."- Scott Hunter, Insperity
"Please have a network diagram and an asset inventory of your system. A forensic team will ask, 'How many endpoints do you have? What servers are you running?'"- Jonathan Gallo, Data Privacy Attorney
NICOLE HARRELL, attorney at Kaufman & Canoles, chairs the Data Privacy and Security teams. Nicole helps clients navigate data privacy, security, risks, and requirements, including HIPAA, CAN-SPAM and breach notification rules. Nicole advices on cyber incident readiness and assists in executing a cyber response plan.
JONATHAN GALLO leads businesses in strategy for data related matters including data breach planning and has led legal response post cyber incidents (“right of boom”). He is an expert at cyber risk liability and compliance, licensing, and other technology-related matters with a background on identity theft, computer forensics, data privacy, security laws, and other technology-related topics.
SCOTT HUNTER, Scott Hunter is a District Manager for lnsperity, a $48 Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that helps business owners reduce employment-related risks and accelerate growth. Scott is native to the 757 and advises business owners on how to transform HR into a profit center. lnsperity was founded in 1986.
LARRY ROBERTSON, Chief Technology Officer, MERIT 2.0, LLC. Trained as an electrical engineer and the co-founder of MERIT. Larry engineered and supports the technology infrastructure for over 100 Hampton Roads businesses from software, the Cloud, and next gen firewalls. MERIT was founded in 1982.
GABRIEL MILLER, CISM and Chief Information Security Officer, MERIT 2.0, LLC. Gabriel is a chemist by training and a data scientist by practice. He is an original member of the famed "Black Hat" Hackers Conference in Las Vegas and an award-winning security professional. Gabriel developed MERIT'S enhanced security platform in 2020 and TBV Visibility in 2021.

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