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30+ Years of Serving the Norfolk Tides

MERIT has helped the Tides adapt to changing technology and ensure their IT is up and running 24/7/365.

Every day is game day

MERIT created a technology foundation that allowed the Tides to add digital applications to America's pastime–ticket scanners, concessions, ballpark Wi-Fi, digital strike zone, and more. Thanks to MERIT, the Tides have been able to improve the baseball watching experience.

Services Provided

Managed IT

Cyber Security

PC Refresh

Equipment Acquisition

Cloud Optimization

Tides by the Numbers

Fastest Pitch
Curveball spin rate
Desired Launch Angle
Fastest Exit Velocity
Fastest, home to first

In Their Words

How MERIT has empowered the Norfolk Tides:

Evolving Technology

"MERIT has helped us keep our technology up-to-date and accelerate over 30 years from scoring games with a pencil to cutting edge baseball metrics."

Every day is game day

"We often have games at night, weekends, and after rain delays - and our technology has to work no matter what. MERIT treats every day like its game day."


"We've been working with MERIT for over 30 years. We know they have our best interests in mind and are grateful for their continued partnership."


"Baseball has become a game defined by measurements and statistics, and MERIT runs their business the same way. We review the MERIT TBV (Trust But Verify) Reporting for insight into our technology systems."
Mike Zeman
"We are a better business to our customers because of MERIT."

Mike Zeman
Assistant GM, Operations
Norfolk Tides

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