Case Study

Hanger Law Relocation

Moving offices can be stressful, but MERIT relieved Hanger Law's anxieties and ensured their technology worked on day one.

Moving Day Made easy ☑️

Hanger Law's new construction project came with supply chain delays, but MERIT flexed along with the changing the dates, and they made sure Hanger Law's equipment arrived at the perfect time for the move-in date. They verified the new technology worked, and had technicians on-site to get the team online.

Services Provided

Construction Guidance

Budget Review & Guidance

Pre-Move Coordination

Weekend PC Install

Cable Clean-Up

By The Numbers

Computer Users
Email Addresses
Cyber Events Reviewed
Firewall Logs / Month
MFA Validations / Year
MERIT on-site Hanger Law setting up workstations
MERIT setting up Hanger Law's servers

MERIT'S 20-point checklist
MERIT tech troubleshooting

In Their Words

How MERIT made Hanger Law's move as painless as possible:


"Due to supply chain issues, our new building had been delayed but MERIT made sure we didn’t get frustrated. They helped us close down the technology at our old office, then spin up the network, WiFi and Microsoft Cloud from our new office."

On-Site Experts

"Because this is a busy time of year for the business, we had the movers relocate furniture over a weekend – and MERIT supplied 7 techs on a Saturday to diligently ensure each desk had the right PC and phone. They use a 20-point Tech Checklist to make sure everything worked perfect."

Looks as Good as it works

"To make sure everything looked perfect, the Techs climbed under desks to dress and neaten the cables, then wiped down the desktops and the monitors to get rid of moving dust. They were amazing!"

Vender Cooperation

"MERIT coordinated the internet, low-voltage cables, and security vendors to keep everyone on track. It was such a relief and one less thing for us to worry about."
Kelly Burroughs
MERIT met with our senior team each week leading up to the move so we were always informed. They are literally part of our team.

Mark Stevenson - CEO, Hanger Law

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