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Featured image for “You Shouldn’t Use the Browser Inside an App”

You Shouldn’t Use the Browser Inside an App

While we’ve bridged the gap considerably, smartphones and computers are very different devices, meant to be used in very different…
August 22, 2023
Featured image for “Researchers Trick AI Models Into Hacking”

Researchers Trick AI Models Into Hacking

AI large language models seems complex, and they are. But they aren’t so complex that they can’t be tricked into…
August 15, 2023
Featured image for “Hackers Can Win Almost $20 Million By Using AI to Protect Against Cyberattacks”

Hackers Can Win Almost $20 Million By Using AI to Protect Against Cyberattacks

When you hear “hackers” and “cyberattacks” in the same sentence, it’s usually bad news. Usually. Sometimes, however, it can actually…
August 15, 2023
Featured image for “It Takes a Lot to Protect Your Accounts”

It Takes a Lot to Protect Your Accounts

The security of your business often comes down to individual decisions and actions. Hackers frequently break into networks through one…
August 7, 2023
Featured image for “We Might Need AI to Defeat AI”

We Might Need AI to Defeat AI

AI presents many potential positives for both business and personal lives, but it also comes with many risks as well.…
August 7, 2023
Featured image for “How Copy and Paste Can Compromise Your Business”

How Copy and Paste Can Compromise Your Business

Copy and paste is an integral computing tool we all use every day. However, it seems it’s also a tool…
July 31, 2023
Featured image for “FBI Warns of Increased AI Cyberattacks”

FBI Warns of Increased AI Cyberattacks

The FBI is warning the public that the number of cyberattacks aided by artificial intelligence is skyrocketing. As Tom’s Hardware…
July 31, 2023
Featured image for “Official Warns Hackers Are Already Using AI”

Official Warns Hackers Are Already Using AI

You might use ChatGPT to see how well it can put together a recipe for dinner, or even to see…
July 24, 2023
Featured image for “2024 Elections at Risk From Generative AI”

2024 Elections at Risk From Generative AI

AI is an impressive technology that continues to subvert our expectations with every development. Not all of these developments are…
July 24, 2023
Featured image for “Text Messages Could Compromise Your Business”

Text Messages Could Compromise Your Business

You’re likely aware of phishing attacks, schemes hackers use to coax unsuspecting users out of their personal data and information.…
July 18, 2023

Apple iOS 15.2 Introduces New ‘App Privacy Report’

Apple released iOS 15.2 for iPhones on Monday, Dec. 13. The new update adds over a dozen new features and changes to iOS, but one feature in particular is quite useful for identifying any apps on your phone that are...
December 13, 2021

Mozilla Is Shutting Down Lockwise

Mozilla's Firefox Lockwise is a popular password manager that is, unfortunately, going away soon. The company announced it would be shutting down Lockwise effective Dec. 13, 2021. The app will be removed from the iOS App Store and Google Play...
December 6, 2021

FindTime Can Help You Schedule a Meeting That Works for Everyone

When you're trying to schedule a big meeting, it can be tough to find a time that works for everyone's conflicting calendars. If you often see yourself struggling to put these complicated meetings together, you'd likely benefit from the Outlook...
December 6, 2021

You Should Be Using Your iPhone’s Built-In Authenticator

While we highly encourage you to use two-factor authentication, not all 2FA is equal. 2FA that uses SMS is certainly better than no protection, but it doesn't offer the most protection. Instead, you should use an authentication app, such as...
October 18, 2021

Is Your Business Following These Essential Best Practices Right Now?

Whenever your technology is involved in your business processes, it is important that you abide by best practices to see the most effective results. Let’s run through the most effective practices that you should reinforce in your operations. Emphasize Security...
October 15, 2021

3 Reasons to Consider a Private Cloud Solution

The cloud is a great opportunity for businesses to increase accessibility of data and enhance productivity, especially while remote, but for those who do not know how to approach it, the cloud can be intimidating. Today, we are going to...
October 7, 2021

Vulnerabilities Found Inside Azure-Linked Managed Database Service

It’s not unheard of for some threats to remain undiscovered for months or even years, as is the case with a particularly nasty one in the Microsoft Azure database system. This exploit, discovered by cloud security provider Wiz, is built...
October 4, 2021

Tips to Speed Up Your Wi-Fi

We take Wi-Fi for granted. It empowers us to connect to the internet anywhere in our homes, without worrying about plugging into a wired connection. That said, just because you’re on Wi-Fi, doesn’t mean your connection is ideal.  When taking a...
July 25, 2021

How to Make macOS Sound Effects Play Through AirPods

Sending and receiving messages, systems alerts, and more — Apple sound effects are truly ubiquitous. When using AirPods with your iPhone or iPad, those sound effects play through your earbuds just like all other sounds. But on Mac, sometimes those...
March 7, 2021

Change Your Passwords With This Strategy

What makes a quality password? Something that isn't easy to guess? Something that doesn't contain personal information? Those are good answers, but they're only a start. You see, in the past, we've been taught to think of individual people trying...
December 7, 2020
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